• Central area with small urban construction projects to accumulate wealth

    in recent years, small urban construction projects in city area always uphold the principle of "fine planning, construction, management, fine fine fine service" concept, adhere to the "demolition and construction, construction management" principle, pay attention to the geographical advantages, historical resources, the characteristics of culture, traditional culture and the spirit of the times into the urban and rural construction, the high standard and high starting point planning, focus on the construction of urban and rural construction, the efficient management and fine service as a focal point to the optimization of living environment, from fine to specification, from the norms of the accumulation of wealth.

    urban areas in the process of promoting the construction of small urban construction projects, always put the urban and rural planning in the first place, from the essence of the word, from the fine start, so that each road to become a boutique project. In the Mo Street Streetscape renovation project, keep the original Mo Street commercial context in order to maximize resources, the "demolition, repair, add, change, light and other techniques, invested 15 million yuan, the overall landscape transformation on the street facade and local open space. In the small urban construction projects for the tangible things in the construction of nearly two years, a total investment of 3 million yuan, has completed the expansion of the road, Nanchuan Nanchuan Road West Road No. 85 hospital work hardening etc.. At the same time, in project management, starting from the substantive and procedural aspects of two; in terms of construction quality control, in strict accordance with the technical specifications and procedures; in production safety, formulate special fine management standards and construction organization and fine management of special safety standards. (author: Zhang Kejian)

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