• Encourage competition to reduce 4G tariffs

    Minister of industry and information technology Miao Wei, 5, said in an interview with reporters, 4G business is too high tariff is a fact, and ultimately rely on competition to lower tariffs.

    Miao Wei said that at the end of last year, the Ministry of Communications issued three 4G licenses to telecom operators. I have also noted that the community reflects the 4G tariff is too high, it is a fact that we also recognize." He said.

    "we also urge the three operators to take into account the people’s expectations, but the overall solution is not the role of the government." Miao Wei said, ultimately rely on competition, competition will be able to bring down the tariff, to achieve the effect of people’s satisfaction."

    Miao Wei also said that at the end of last year to 19 private enterprises in the wholesale release of two mobile resale business license, which marks the brewing for several years on the basis of the telecommunications industry has a substantial pace of opening up to private enterprises.

    get a license after the enterprise how to do?" Miao Wei said, I believe that China’s private entrepreneurs have unlimited creativity and vitality. I believe they get the qualification, we must be able to make innovations in technology and business models and other aspects of the telecommunications industry in the past to achieve different results."

    for the next step in the direction of the reform of the telecommunications industry, Miao Wei believes that, in general, it is necessary to encourage competition, to help people enjoy more convenient and better service.


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