• Now the face of changing the love Shanghai how we do

    : don’t give up the first website

    believes that recently in the first half of this year to be half alive countless webmasters toss love Shanghai, love Shanghai since June 28th a large number of K station, a large number of sites is K, a lot of people begin to complain, began Tucao, after the love of Shanghai is constantly adjusting algorithm, webmaster circles is such a word "Baidu abuse me thousands of times, I stayed Baidu as first love" spread. From the first half of this year we love Shanghai updated and K station can be seen as a large number of up by gathering, on the false original station and all was played back to the prototype, which is love Shanghai in the adjustment of its user experience, love is the core of Shanghai to provide valuable information for users on the Internet when all users cannot read advertisements, text, nature is the user experience serious decline, so the adjustment of Shanghai love is reasonable.

    love Shanghai on your site K station, right down, is not the love of Shanghai is It is without rhyme or reason., according to the algorithm to operate on the site, then there is no It is without rhyme or reason. love, hate It is without rhyme or reason. web site problem, so must be their own reasons, we should do reflect upon their own site. Well, find the reason and solve it, let the weight slowly restore.

    in this area, we can go to the high popularity of the webmaster BBS kantie, see more of some master answer, while others see more web site is how a situation, learn more about how people corresponding to all kinds of crisis, let us know how to do. At the same time to check their website, the basic elements of good, such as Links was K Links, the friendship chain.

    took several websites the author’s own point of view, in the first half of this year in Shanghai love adjustment is being hit, included drop weight There is not much left., decline, decline in ranking, even to the most miserable time included less than two digits, but with the passage of time gradually from the new sites included the start, as a my heart has done a few years, there are too many and too much effort, here, I will share with you some views about how to save their website, we hope to help.


    to find their own reasons

    love the face of Shanghai optimization, we must adjust the good mentality, many webmaster is data control, every site included, see statistics IP every day, once IP, included a little, ranking down, the mood of the day will be affected, in fact, this attitude is very bad, because in the face of love everything in Shanghai it is possible, we need to do is to do their own, other details not to be too tangled, so it was evil, evil is hiding, a correct view of a website, do not reduce immediately give up, so easy to give up hard to do a website, go with ease look, if the next reason, found that the problem is to find solutions to, don’t be included, rankings affect the attitude, positive attitude, love the face of Shanghai.

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