• Why do many of the current Shanghai dragon Er salary is generally low


    second, a lot of technical ability of Shanghai Longfeng Er itself is relatively low. My first point is I talk about the reasons, this point we talk about is the technical strength, the blacksmith needs its own hardware, the old saying tells us that any one industry, technical strength is your salary and your hook, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will only write some articles issued outside the chain every day these two kinds of work account for a very large part, if we view single nature of work and work, you are not making money, because you work to leave you, who can do, this is the direct cause of your salary is low, the author thinks that since the choice of Shanghai dragon as the main occupation of your own will we must continue to strengthen their knowledge about system optimization, Shanghai dragon related and user experience optimization, site optimization, system code adjustment details, most of the time is a kind of website optimization Thinking is the need for procedural knowledge as the foundation, is the need to master certain analysis ability, what white Shanghai dragon er you look at yourself with these soft

    as everyone knows, the website optimization is the occupation with the development of electronic commerce continuously into the general public’s vision, but the author throughout the country Shanghai Longfeng recruitment market found within many Shanghai dragon Er is still used as a food and clothing line, the Shanghai dragon Er are issued with emotion, website optimization is the work of a very system, we face every day Shanghai love torture, the boss urged customers in the end why force a single salary or in food and clothing line, the author and a detailed analysis of the main reasons.

    first, low entry Shanghai dragon Er is many dabbler outsider. Why Shanghai Longfeng wages are generally low, in fact, the main reason is because the relationship between market supply and demand, many companies in order to reduce the cost of similar website program, web copywriting are working part-time in Shanghai dragon, which is bound to make the boss think Shanghai dragon is a very no technical content of the work, who can do this work! Because no ground for blame competition, a lot of keywords, a part-time personnel optimization, according to the knowledge on the Internet in Shanghai Longfeng, can be accumulated over time, to bring up, but the boss looks like you itself is a part-time salary, so sometimes without any change, a little more only a few hundred dollars, the author believes that in addition to outside the industry, caused by boss or managers to understand the problem of Shanghai dragon.

    third, er Shanghai face Shanghai dragon love not calm are suffering. I believe that the third point is the most bitter place for you to Shanghai dragon Er, the Shanghai dragon itself very strong operation, the escalating love Shanghai algorithm, leading to the increasing difficulty of optimization work, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website will be a little careless causing the site to drop right and even K, the boss of this question when again, managers of the emperor to abdicate again, in fact often do optimization buddies are very clear, love Shanghai algorithm upgrade sometimes harming our network.

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