• The right to play the value of power to enhance the user experience of the site anchor text

    we can see this article contains a total of six anchor text, the frequency has reached thirty percent, more than the anchor text, it is bold and the user see riotous with colour, will be upset, this will greatly reduce the user experience, increase the rate of jump out of the site. Therefore, the author’s suggestion is reasonable, good control of the number of anchor text is the first step to enhance the user experience, the best number is an article of not more than three anchor text, and not each, only when you need it to add, and point to the link should be reasonable, do not point to the home page, should be in accordance with the the anchor text content to add the appropriate link.


    Although the

    love Shanghai algorithm weakened the anchor text on the role of the website ranking, but the proper use of the anchor text or are good for ranking and user experience. However, excessive abuse of the anchor text, will be down the right site planted the seeds, as below:

    second: create more "interpretation of the anchor text type

    also said that many Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve the website of a keyword ranking, will often take the keyword and made anchor text point to the home page. This practice is the user experience of Shanghai. Because users don’t need you to explain this keyword, the user is not in this curious. What is the "explanation" of the anchor text? Please look at the love Shanghai Encyclopedia:




    readers browse to "reverse link" and "external links", they may need further explanation, but the encyclopedia is good to the two words into the anchor text, pointing to the Wikipedia page, allowing users to get a deeper understanding, this approach not only to anchor text as a tool to enhance the user experience, let users more faithful to the website of the website stickiness is more intense.

    : the first number of the reasonable control of the anchor text, no more and no less than

    these lessons clearly tells us that the anchor text value is no longer used to enhance the website ranking, we should seek the true value of the anchor text and play. The author believes that the anchor text should enhance the user experience, is to enhance the user experience is now the real value of the anchor text. Well, do not talk nonsense, we have to discuss how to use the anchor text to enhance the user experience.

    believe that Shanghai dragon Er will have a special liking to anchor text this term, because of the anchor text site keywords ranking is too useful, either inside or outside the station, Shanghai dragon Er are anxious to use a lot of anchor text, let website ranking accelerated. But love in Shanghai in recent years and gradually put the anchor text algorithm has been weakened, often excessive use of anchor text will cause website ranking drop, resulting in The loss outweighs the gain. situation.


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