• Love Shanghai included Taobao store page Taobao guest just calm

    1: API

    3: don’t go to optimize the Taobao keyword related




    doesn’t have any effect that is false, the existence of such a large Taobao website, some API site content will be regarded as a non original copy copy content. In the past when no taobao贵族宝贝, station is between each other than the Shanghai dragon, anyway, who do, then he can be considered an original love Shanghai. Now, the first out of taobao贵族宝贝, pure API site almost no living space.

    Everyone in the

    in the past because of falling in love with the sea without Taobao, many users to find products, to find the habit of taobao贵族宝贝 is slowly coming back, if not included to continue down, I believe that one day the user do not search for love Shanghai for shopping information used. At that time Taobao station is not more miserable? So things we have to see the One divides into two.

    have to say, this love Shanghai for Taobao reincluding for Taobao customers did not affect the promotion, we can still calm. In this paper, by the 贵族宝贝taobbshop.cn station A5 released

    site to one disaster after anotherIf the

    site taobao贵族宝贝 fell in love with the sea, will find the love of Shanghai collected a great deal of Taobao page, although Taobao spider protocol file robots.txt shielding still love Shanghai. But love Shanghai re included Taobao, what impact will bring to the webmaster Taobao

    2: the user search habits back

    back, mainly in the optimization of Taobao relevant keywords is part of a deliberate, not necessary in fact, online shopping and shopping related keywords, some products, very many industries, the flow belongs to you, Taobao take, so it belongs to the flow of his back, and more do their own information, to grasp the Shanghai dragon.

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