• Love Shanghai promotion do – the choice of keywords heavy traffic or heavy quality


    then, we will find that although the money spent, but the daily consultation and transactions are scanty. The money burned is more and more quickly, and the effect is not good. The boss saw you, hate not to beat you, because every day you burn his money, but he did not bring into effect. And you slowly into confusion, anxiety, frustration in negative emotions. The final boss either fired you, either you fried squid boss……

    at this time, we usually have two reactions:


    my opinion, summed up in one sentence is not more hot words better, but.

    actually I also very understanding enterprise bidding difficulty. If we run a business, we are trying to take all the products and services are sold? So in the bidding environment, there is a large number of keywords you can choose? If we happened to be a novice just contact the auction, in time to see a number of keywords. We have estimated knocked out.

    , if ROI is specific to each word, hot words ROI can do a few? If you go back and do some statistics of the most simple, will be surprised to find a hot word ROI may not even 1:1! What does it mean? It means we do bid is a loss the

    Do you believe that the

    in fact, whether a keyword is good, not to see if he can bring much traffic, more important is to see he can bring much effective consultation, the number of transactions. For example: a hot word can bring 10000 visitors, but only 10 consultation, 1 transactions; and a precise long tail word can bring 100 visitors, but it can bring 5 consulting, 2 turnover. Then, the two word ROI which is higher or lower is self-evident.

    in Shanghai promotion, I also found that there are many companies love staring at the hot words big auction. To my "villain of the heart of their" gentleman’s belly ", perhaps they think that since these words are so hot so expensive, we are willing to invest, which must be a reason. In a nutshell, is "I follow you will not go wrong too outrageous" mentality that drives them to throw money one after another hot word.

    However, but the result?How can you

    no matter, the relevant key words all to do! How can I do the analysis so many words!

    of the word!

    look at the competition is how to vote, I copy as it is a word, what I use what hot words! I was too TM wit

    so what should we do to promote the love of Shanghai


    of the Internet, all of the word "herding" is not strange. "Herding" in Taobao Tmall, is the most incisive. Monthly sales break million data for potential buyers, has a very strong persuasion. It can be said that the data itself is the reason.


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