• The importance of parental support in education

    first_imgDear Editor,It is the commencement of a new school term and I would like to discuss the significant role parents play in fostering a well-rounded child. It is widely recognised that if pupils are to maximise their potential from schooling, they will need the complete support of their parents. The parents referred to here are biological, adopted or guardians. The home and the family are regarded as the child’s first teacher; as such, their attitudes, values and customs will have a direct impact on the child’s behaviour. Parents know their children intimately, and are expected to perform some form of training that will make them successful adults with desirable behaviours.As parents, we have expectations of our children; similarly, each child has basic expectations of his/her parents. One of the most important responsibilities of parents is to provide an education for his/her child. In moulding a child, certain basic needs must be met which will foster positive behaviour. What parents do and don’t do, say and don’t say, provide children with the experiences that they interpret into beliefs. Those beliefs, in turn, then determine their behaviour and emotions and, ultimately, their lives, for better or for worse. We cannot deny that proud feeling and sense of satisfaction we enjoy when our children are commended for their good behaviour and academic achievements.This can be directly associated to Abraham Maslow’s theory on the hierarchy of needs, which contends that as humans meet basic needs, they seek to satisfy successively  higher needs that occupy a set hierarchy. The essential point  for parents and educators is that, from Maslow’s perspective, no learning will take place unless the students’ basic needs are met.  Children must feel safe, a sense of belonging and most of all, they must be loved.It is imperative for us to understand that the only way a child will reach the stage of self-actualisation is if all the other basic needs are met. It is, therefore, prudent for parents to provide the basic needs and foundation for their children, so that they can achieve and enjoy success in life.From my interaction and experience with learners and parents, it is absolutely clear that  parents who exhibit positive attitudes towards education, encourage their children to attend school regularly and provide the basic needs will foster an optimistic attitude towards learning. Children whose parents are involved in their formal education have many advantages.  They have better grades, test scores, long-term academic achievement, attitudes and behaviour than those with uninterested parents.I encourage parents to view the education of their children as a partnership among the child, parents, teachers and the community. Let us endeavour to establish the home and school as institutions which have comparable goals and expectations in terms of achievement and expected behaviour. This will allow for a consistence in  the child’s behavioural pattern, both at home and school.Parents should be involved in school activities such as PTA meetings, sports, cultural events, graduation, tours and other such functions which will make their children feel wanted and  love. If precedence is not given to your child’s education, it will be difficult for him/her as individuals to attain his/her full potential and at the same time to have a  positive attitude towards learning.Parents, I urge us to invest in this precious  gift that will last a lifetime – EDUCATION. Be inspired by this famous quote from Nelson Mandela and let us start this process of change within our respective homes; “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world .”Yours faithfully,Chandroutie Persaudlast_img

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