• Every Premier League club ranked by how old their name is from youngest to oldest

    first_img 6. Liverpool’s name dates from 1892 (June) – Liverpool took the name of the city they are located in, despite being formed 14 years after their local rivals, Everton. In fact, Everton were the original home team at Anfield, but a dispute over rent with the ground’s landlord, John Houlding, led to the blue half of Merseyside leaving for Goodison Park. Holding formed Liverpool FC after his attempts to hijack the ownership of Everton were denied. Many football fans love to talk about the history which surrounds their club. Sheffield FC may be the world’s oldest football club, but what about the 20 teams that make up our top division? CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR QUIZ ON THE ORIGINAL NAMES OF FAMOUS FOOTBALL CLUBStalkSPORT takes a look at the age of the Premier League by their current name, youngest first. For example, Manchester United are measured under their current name rather than Newton Heath.Why are we looking at the age of a club’s name? Because it’s a vital part of any football club’s history, as you could see by the anger when it was suggested Hull City might change their name to Hull Tigers, and by the FA’s rejection of this proposal.Take a look at how old your club’s name is, in the countdown above. 10. Watford’s name dates from 1898 – The Hornets did not get their current name until 1898 – they were founded as Watford Rovers and changed their name to West Hertfordshire before essentially merging with rivals Watford St Mary’s to rename as just Watford in 1898. 20 20 20 18. Stoke City’s name dates from 1925 – Stoke’s roots go back to 1868, when they started out as Stoke Ramblers, then Stoke Football Club. Like Swansea, Stoke-on-Trent was granted city status, which led to the Potters’ switch to Stoke City in 1925. 20 17. Leicester City’s name dates from 1919 – Leicester Fosse were founded in 1884, but went bust in 1919 and the club was reformed as Leicester City, shortly after the area was awarded city status. 20 16. Arsenal’s name dates from 1914 – The Gunners’ history books go back to 1886, when they were founded by factory workers in Woolwich, south-east London. They were called Dial Square, after a feature in the factory, before renaming as Royal Arsenal and then Woolwich Arsenal. They relocated to Highbury, north London, in 1913 and the following year they altered their name to Arsenal, popularly known as ‘The Arsenal’ for many years. 20 7 Newcastle United’s name dates from 1892 (December) – Newcastle East End beat nearby clubs to the lease of St James’ Park, before renaming in 1892 to operate as Newcastle United. East End had previously formed in 1881 and merged with rivals Newcastle West End before moving to the home where the Magpies are still located today. 4. Sunderland AFC’s name dates from 1881 – The Black Cats started out in 1879 before being renamed as the Sunderland AFC we know today. They were originally a club for teachers – Sunderland and District Teachers’ Association – before they allowed non-teachers to be part of the squad two years later. 20 20 20 20 20 20 9. Southampton’s name dates from 1897 – Formed in 1885 by members of the St. Mary’s Church Young Men’s association as Southampton St. Mary’s, the club’s website says they ‘joined the Southern League in 1894 and won the championship for three years running’, starting in their maiden season as Southampton FC in 1897. 2. Everton’s name dates from 1879 – Older than bitter local rivals Liverpool, Everton were given their name in 1879 but were founded a year earlier. They started out in 1878 as church club team St Domingo’s FC, playing at Stanley Park, before leasing Anfield as Everton until 1892. 20. AFC Bournemouth’s name dates from 1972 – find out which top flight clubs have the oldest names, just click the arrow above! – What would eventually turn into AFC Bournemouth was originally founded in 1899, as Boscombe St. John’s Institute FC before dissolving in 1899. They reformed as Boscombe FC, later followed by Bournemouth and Boscombe FC before changing to just AFC Bournemouth in 1972. 20 20 13. Chelsea’s name dates from 1905 (March) – Contrary to popular mockery, Chelsea’s history extends way back beyond the start of the Roman Abramovich era in 2003. Gus Mears was among one of the Blues’ founders, creating the club in order to find a tenant to use an athletics stadium he owned – Stamford Bridge. Fulham declined the chance to lease the ground and Chelsea were formed above the Rising Sun pub in March 1905, now The Butcher’s Hook on Fulham Road. The rest, 2003 and all, is history. 8. Manchester City’s name dates from 1894 – Older than city rivals United, the Citizens started out back in 1880, when St Mark’s Church formed a new club. After seven years, they relocated to Hyde Road, renaming as Ardwick AFC before rethinking their identity, opting to represent the city by changing to Manchester City in 1894. 5. Tottenham Hotspur’s name dates from 1884 – North London’s original club were formed by members of the Hotspur Cricket Club and the local grammar school. They were known as Hotspur FC before renaming as the Tottenham Hotspur we know today, in 1884, to avoid confusion as there was already a team named Hotspur FC. 12. Manchester United’s name dates from 1902 (April/May) – Granted, the Red Devils were originally formed in 1878, but that was under the name of Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). Brewery owner John Henry Davis came to the club’s rescue when they were in deep financial ruin, opting for a name change to Manchester United in 1902, which the club’s website says was preferred to Manchester Celtic or Manchester Central. Traces of Newton Heath can still be found at Old Trafford, which were more prominent five years ago, as fans donned green and gold scarves in a protest to the Glazers’ ownership, as a nod to Newton Heath’s original colours. 20 20 14. Norwich City’s name dates from 1902 (June) – The Canaries were formed in 1902, but they did not turn professional for another three years. The club’s anthem On The Ball City is believed to be nearly as old. 20 20 20 1. Aston Villa’s name dates from 1874 – A group of men from the Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel cricket team formed Aston Villa in 1874 and their original name makes them the oldest in our list of Premier League clubs. They moved into Villa Park 23 years later and the club went to enjoy many years of early success in the league and FA Cup, with six of their seven FA Cup wins coming before 1920. 3. West Bromwich Albion’s name dates from 1880 – The Baggies started with their current name back in 1880, two years after they were founded in 1878 as the West Bromwich Strollers. 15. Crystal Palace’s name dates from 1905 (September) – Palace, originally nicknamed the Glaziers, have roots that can be traced back to 1861, but the original club folded 15 years later, before reforming in 1905. They celebrated their 110-year anniversary on tenth of September this year. 20 11. West Ham United’s name dates from 1900 – The West Ham area of London was left without a football club when Old Castle Swifts FC folded due to bankruptcy. The Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company founded a football team before renaming as West Ham United in July 1900, hence their nickname the Irons. 19. Swansea City’s name dates from 1971 – The Swans’ founding date stretches back to 1912, but they were originally known as Swansea Town. The South Welsh town was then awarded city status in 1972 – hence the club’s switch to Swansea City. last_img

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