• ‘Anil Ambani has displayed great strength of character’

    first_imgDIVIDE AND RULEReliance should be as much indebted to Kokilaben Ambani as to Dhirubhai Ambani for she has given it a new lease of life (“Mother Power”, July 4). It is good that the tussle between the Ambani brothers ended with no damage done. However, a divide is a divide,DIVIDE AND RULEReliance should be as much indebted to Kokilaben Ambani as to Dhirubhai Ambani for she has given it a new lease of life (“Mother Power”, July 4). It is good that the tussle between the Ambani brothers ended with no damage done. However, a divide is a divide and it will weaken the overall strength of the business. As separate owners of split groups the Ambani brothers perhaps won’t be able to match the credibility of the Reliance Group as set up by Dhirubhai.-DHIRENDRA MISHRA, Allahabad Ambani brothers with their mother Kolkilaben AmbaniThe recent Ambani feud and the subsequent accord bring out the weakness as well as strength of the Indian psyche and social fabric. It is good that the mother finally prevailed and investors interests were safeguarded.-ABHYUADAYA SHRIVASTAVA, on e-mailDhirubhai had spent a lifetime building the huge empire which would have been shattered had it not been for Kokilaben’s intervention. She has proved that knowledge can be acquired through higher education but wisdom is inborn.-RANJANA MANCHANDA, on e-mailAnil Ambani has proved how one can make a comeback through grit and determination. He displayed great strength of character.-GURTEG SINGH SAINI, on e-mail The Ambani brothers have shown they have not forgotten their traditions and culture by following their mother’s advice regarding the division of the Reliance empire.-ASHA GAWRI, on e-mailThe Ambani brothers have finally made peace in a truly amicable way. This has come as a welcome respite to thousands of shareholders.-JINU MATHEW, on e-mailadvertisementThough the Reliance Group companies are being distributed between the brothers apparently amicably, the mistrust is likely to linger and will affect the group. This is bound to have a cascading effect on its shareholders as well.-D. MANIKYALA RAO, GudivadaThe euphoria over the end of the bitter feud in the Ambani family has distracted attention from the allegations of manipulation and misgovernance in the group made by Anil. They should not be forgotten just because the dispute has been settled and must be investigated to reassure the discerning investors. A system that will ensure corporate practices match promoter claims should be set up.-BISHAN SAHAI, on e-mail TICKET TO CHAOSThe Andhra Pradesh Government’s move to grant reservation to Muslims in education and jobs would give rise to similar demands from other communities as well (“Backward Move”, July 4). This will lead to differences among various communities and create chaos in other states as well.-CHETAN RATHOD, on e-mailThe Andhra Pradesh Government’s proposal will open a Pandora’s box. Such a policy, obviously aimed at the Muslim vote bank, should be quashed by the courts.-ARVIND K. PANDEY, AllahabadThe move to grant reservations to Muslims is a retrograde one. India should not be fragmented on religious lines.-J.N. BHARTIYA, LucknowDIFFERENT STROKES Mushtaq Ali won the hearts of cricket lovers with his stroke play and cheerful demeanour (“Obituary”, July 4). I remember when he was dropped from the Test team in the 1940s selectors were compelled to take him back him into the team after vociferous protests by Calcuttans. Mushtaq went on to score 106 against the West Indies. His unconventional strokes might have got him the tag of an “ugly batsman” but his memorable innings ensure his place in history.-ASOKE C. BANERJEE, Kolkata It was such a pleasure to watch Mushtaq at the crease. Cricket lovers of that era will always have fond memories of his performances.-V. SRINIVAS, NagpurCLEEN SWEEPIt took just a few good men and unflinching determination to change Surat into one of the cleanest cities in India (“Blessed by the Plague”, July 4). It is heartening to note that instead of pocketing some cash from the offenders the municipal authorities actually fine the culprits. There is no reason why it can’t be emulated in other cities. It would also help if officials from other cities are sent to Surat for on-the-job training.-WING COMMANDER (RETD) RAVI BEDI, JodhpurLEAVE ALL ALONEManmohan Singh should ignore the Left parties and go ahead with his economic policies because they are not in a position to pull the plug on his Government (“All Fury, No Fire”, July 4). The Left is not likely to win 61 seats in the Lok Sabha again. Therefore, they will never give up this opportunity of being the ruling party as well as the Opposition.-ANAND SRIRAM, MumbaiThe Left should understand that it cannot force its will on the UPA forever. The leftists will lose their credibility if they keep protesting against every decision of the Government.-GAUTAM BHATIA, DelhiadvertisementTHE RIGHT PRESPRECTIVESIt is all very well to question M.A. Jinnah’s secularism but the fact remains that all leaders in India, including Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, slipped up at a crucial stage, resulting in the creation of Pakistan (“The Truth About Jinnah”, June 27). What happened to Gandhi’s claim that partition would be possible only over his dead body?-M.N. BHARTIYA, GoaMost politicians have failed to see L.K. Advani’s description of Jinnah as a secular person in the right perspective. Advani’s speech reminded Pakistan of the Jinnah who wanted a democratic, secular republic of Pakistan.-S. LAKSHMI NARAYANAN, CuddaloreJinnah was neither secular nor against the partition of India. In reply to a question at the Karachi meeting of the All India Muslim League Council in December 1947, four months after the birth of Pakistan, Jinnah had said, “Let it be clear that Pakistan is going to be a Muslim state, based on Islamic ideals.”-OM JULKA, on e-mailPeople will continue to accuse or glorify Jinnah, depending on which side of the border they are from. But it is time to leave the past behind. India and Pakistan must learn from their diaspora who live in harmony all over the world.-SURENDRA MOHANTY, Dubai SAME DIFFERENCE  The RSS considers itself the guardian of Hindu rights, but Jinnah saw himself as a protector of Muslim rights (“The A Bomb”, June 20). If Jinnah was wrong then the RSS cannot exonerate itself of similar charges. Jinnah was forced by Congress leaders of the time to act the way he did. Advani’s statement on Jinnah and Partition was wrong because whatever may have been the reasons, Jinnah supported the division of the country.-BHARAT BHUSHAN BANSAL, Mansa OF THE MARKIt feels good to read about Indian sports persons reaching new heights but has Narain Karthi keyan really crossed the expectation barrier (“Blazing New Tracks”, July 4)? Coming 16th or 17th cannot be considered a great achievement. The reality is that India has a very long way to go before it can consider itself a sporting powerhouse. It will take more than a British Open (under-19) title or a second round entry at Wimbledon.-K. RADHAKRISHNAN, Delhi The achievements listed in the article are scattered instances. Unless India develops a sporting culture and professionals are allowed to run sports federations, India cannot hope for sustained success.-ROHIT BHANDIYE, PanajiReaders are recommended to make appropriate enquiries before sending money, incurring expenses or entering into commitments in relation to any advertisement appearing in this publication. The India Today Group does not vouch for any claims made by the advertisers of products and services. The printer, publisher, editor-in-chief and the editor of the India Today Group publications shall not be held liable for any consequences in the event of such claims not being honoured by the advertisers.e-mail your letters to: letters.editor@intoday.comor fax them to: 011-23316180FOR SUBSCRIPTION ASSISTANCE CALL: DELHI: 51034706, 51529555, 23684848 (Board No.), Ext. 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