• Music goes parallel parking

    first_imgWhere does the name of your band come from? Akash: While I was in Visakhapatnam during the initial days of my college there I used to hang around a lot with my friends near the beach so that’s how we came up with our band’s name Parallel to the Beach.Tell us about how you guys started off?Manas: Initially prakhar and me were part of a metal band called Capitol Punishment then it got disintegrated due to various reason then I got to know about Akash through Prakhar and I knew Ayan since my school days then later on Sharaj and Arnab joined us. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’What is your original brand of music? Do you guys have a signature sound?Arnab: We believe in randomness so as such there’s no signature sound kind of thing. For the time being we play alt rock.Tell us about the initial years after kick-off till how it has been thus far?Sharaj: Well its been a great time since the beginning of PT2B. I’ve waited for a long time for such thing to happen. So it feels great to be a part of a band like this. Honestly speaking I’ve been craving to be a part of such a band. So it does feel awesome. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHow does it feel to perform with three other bands?Ayan: It feels awesome . its been a pleasure to play with such brilliant bands. we feel happy about it. The best part is that we get to know by a lot of people. So its cool.What plans for 2013?Prakhar: for 2013 we plan to grab all opportunities and play on stage as much as possible. We wish to compose more new songs and make it reach to a large number of people.What got you to take part in a music festival like Metanoia and how do you see this working for you?Akash: Well we saw metanoia as a great opportunity. We wanted people to hear us and we hope they liked our music. Thus Metanoia gave us a grand platform to perform.last_img

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