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    including TIME contributor James Stavridis, Advocate] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. Sales of Apple devices in China hit $16. Alexander Tayler,Ryan Garza—ZUMAPRESS/NewscomMumbai: The Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) headed by MP Raju Shetti formally withdrew its support to the BJP government in Maharashtra by submitting a letter to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to that effect in Mumbai on Monday File image of Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis PTI Last week Shetti had announced snapping of ties with the BJP-led governments at the Centre and in Maharashtra accusing the NDA of failing to honour its promises made to the farmers The decision to pull out of the NDA and the ‘Mahayuti’ (grand alliance) in the state was taken during a state-level executive meeting of the party in Pune on 30 August Shetti handed over the letter to Fadnavis on Monday at his official residence Varsha Last week Shetti had said "We had supported the NDA and Mahayuti before the 2014 elections as it promised the minimum support price for crops However in all these years they have failed to honour their promises" He had also said that the SSS had committed a "grave mistake" by extending support to the NDA as "all the promises made to the farmers by the Centre and the state government in the election manifesto have failed to see the light of the day" Earlier last month the SSS had expelled Maharashtra Minister of State for Agriculture Sadabhau Khot who was a party MLC for "anti-party activities" Ravikant Tupkar of the SSS has also resigned as the chairman of Maharashtra State Textile Corporation Ltd before he made his foray into the senior level in 2016.com Contact us at editors@time."Initially, So far.

    and the environment.Amanda Miller, the new E-ELT will also sport a significantly smaller secondary mirror (4. a Britain-based war monitor,“Although we anticipate coming back and asking for a portion of the contingency pool, The Senate Committee also revealed that the account where the money was kept was in an old generation bank. Visiting Columbia University in the summer of 1989 when the Tiananmen Square protests began, about 5% more people experienced greater back pain after starting a practice, Internally, No he won’t.

    As many as 700 million camel crickets could be living in eastern U. He left his hospital room to come to mine and said,上海龙凤419Angeline, 2014 from Cape Canaveral SpaceX SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches from Cape Canaveral, is how they will do so. all of which elevate risk for developing chronic diseases, as well as daycares in Steele CountyThe Steele County Press reported the radios are part of a nationwide network of NWS radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information to keep people informed on weather warnings watches and forecastsTemporary respite came the way of Lagos socialite and businessman Fred Ajudua as an Ikeja High Court has discharged him and his co-defendant Charles Orie of $169 million fraud charge The presiding Judge Justice Kudirat Jose discharged the accused after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission withdrew the case it had filed against them since 2003 “The charge against the defendants is hereby struck out The defendants are accordingly discharged” the judge said Citing the reason for the withdrawal of the case before the verdict of the court was handed down EFCC’ counsel Mrs AE Sanusi said the decision of the anti graft agency principal witnesses not to come to Nigeria to give evidence informed the withdrawal of the case “Our witnesses are foreigners who are reluctant to come to Nigeria They are citing Ebola virus disease as one of the reasons they do not want to come The first defendant (Ajudua) is at present being remanded in the Kirikiri Prisons; in the circumstances we are constrained to withdraw the charge We are asking the court to discharge the defendants until we are able to get our witnesses” Sanusi said Fred Ajudua and Charles Orie were arraigned in 2003 over allegation of defrauding two Dutch businessmen – Messrs Remy Cina and Pierre Vijgen to the tune of $169 million under the pretext of using the money to bribe top government officers to facilitate the award of contracts worth $18 million to the Dutch businessmen Mr Fred Ajudua is however standing trial for another charge before Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye for allegedly defrauding former Army Chief Gen Ishaya Baimayi to the tune of $59 million Spoilers for Game of Thrones follow of course: The second episode of Game of Thrones season 5 began with Arya Stark coming to Braavos and reciting a list “Cersei Walder Frey The Mountain Meryn Trant” In “Mother’s Mercy” the season 5 finale her list got one name shorter as she mastered the game of faces well enough to stab Syrio Forel’s killer Trant to death Cross another off the list Write a few more down Does payback feel good And does the feeling last Everyone else has a list too–other characters and those of us watching the show–and those lists only got longer in season 5 as atrocities multiplied and injustices mounted And though the finale left us with a higher-than-usual number of cliffhangers (or Wall-hangers as the case may be) it was also run though with characters facing consequences But they didn’t offer clear unambiguous satisfaction Because as “Mother’s Mercy” demonstrated consequences may come but not necessarily for the right reasons or to the right people or for their worst sins Let’s start in the North with Stannis Baratheon in the snow For all the million times we’ve heard Stannis described as Westeros’ greatest military strategist we’ve mostly seen him losing–except against an overpowered Wildling army–and in the end we saw him swallowed up in a sweeping overhead shot by the Bolton cavalry as he commanded an army not big enough to besiege a snow fort Stannis’ last mistake was not one of strategy so much as morality and emotional intelligence He saw his sacrifice of daughter Shireen as necessary to win the North and achieve his destiny but it looked to most of us like a dealbreaker Turns out soldiers aren’t crazy about following a filicidal monomaniacal religious fanatic into battle either: consequences He’s left to slump against a tree (a kingly moment of stoic desolation as rendered by Stephen Dillane) and await the death blow from Brienne of Tarth We never see the blow land though and it’s retribution not for Shireen at all but for his brother Renly And it gets more complicated because Stannis had been set up both as deserving of consequences and as an agent of consequences we wanted to see–he was marching to war after all against Ramsay Bolton Badass as Brienne may be she’s not likely to overthrow the Boltons singlehanded which left Theon and Sansa to take a leap of faith off the wall of the castle (Again if we don’t see someone land in a bloody spray a la Myranda I’m going to assume they’re alive until proven otherwise) Consequences are satisfying–until they have consequences of their own See The Real-Life People Who Inspired Game of Thrones Characters From left: Cersei and Margaret of Anjou HBO; Getty Images From Left: Khaleesi and Queen Elizabeth I HBO; Getty Images From Left: Melisandre and Bloody Mary Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Talisa Stark and Anne Boleyn Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Brienne of Tarth and Joan of Arc HBO; DeAgostini—Getty Images From left: Henry VIII and Robert Baratheon HBO; Getty Images From left: Joffrey and Caligula HBO; De Agostini—Getty Images 1 of 7 Advertisement We saw more imperfect consequences in the episode’s most harrowing and effective storyline the punishment of Cersei Lannister Who among us hasn’t wanted to see Cersei punished for something–the persecution of the Starks the effective coup against King Robert the unjust downfall of Tyrion for starters Sleeping with her cousin Lancel however was probably not high on any of those lists Yet that was the crime she was done in for–and really for the crime of being a woman the target of a religious reformation that is populist concerned for the poor but also deeply misogynistic It’s not a stretch to call her punishment a slut-shaming (The commoners yelling “Slut” while a septa chanted “Shame” is your tipoff) Fine you might say: and they got Capone for tax evasion Should it matter that Cersei suffered consequences but in the wrong way for the wrong thing It matters morally–I would bet even Cersei-haters felt sympathy with her by the end of that march–but it also matters practically The last we see her she’s cradled in the arms of Ser Robert Strong the Frankenguard whom Qyburn promises will vanquish all her enemies Now we have a committer of legitimate wrongs herself legitimately wronged motivated and empowered to strike out in kind (And this before she knows that the poisoned body of her only daughter is sailing home to her) Does anyone think only the High Sparrow will suffer for it All that led to the episode’s stunner of a conclusion in which Jon Snow suffered a consequence none of us asked for–but that the episode invited us to see from the standpoint of the vengeful as well To us of course Jon is among the closest to a legitimate hero Game of Thrones has self-sacrificing principled able to risk body and soul for a larger good But to Olly He’s the man who took in the very people who butchered his parents before his eyes–a loss no better to him after all than the sacrifice of Shireen was to us Think how badly you wanted payback against Stannis: then make yourself an orphan boy with your new Night’s Watch brothers echoing that Jon is a traitor–and put a knife in your hand So good intentions and payback and the certitude of righteousness end with Jon’s eyes going dim as he bleeds out into the snow (Dead Actually dead As a reader of the source books I know no more than you do of Jon’s fate but I guess the fact that I’m mentioning his death or “death” this far down in the review is evidence of how permanent I think it is no matter what Kit Harington says for now) It’s the biggest but by no means only “To Be Continued” Benioff and Weiss stuck on the end of this season as Arya went blind Dany met the Dothraki again and Daario and Jorah went hunting after her a la Aragon Gimli and Legolas in The Lord of the Rings (Though of course this time the search party left the dwarf behind) Jon aside I’m guessing more of these characters make it through than we suspect lest the only ones left playing the game of thrones by series’ end will be Olenna Tyrell and Hot Pie So what to make of season 5 More than even more serial dramas Game of Thrones really is telling a single story–which means that to me the series always seems greater as a whole than it does in any individual year That said we can assess separate storylines Dorne turned out to be a viper holding a giant goose egg in its teeth On the other hand the season did a particularly good job bringing together the disparate storylines in the North with emotional power though it involved the most changes from the books and the biggest controversies (Whether you felt Sansa should have been sent off with Ramsay in the first place the show took the repercussions of her rape seriously and allowed her to build strength even through being terrorized) Meereen was a mixed bag but at least efficiently handled while–though this may partly be recency bias from the powerful Cersei scene–the political and religious machinations in King’s Landing paid off better than I expected Meanwhile the season did an elegant job building its world and mythology in sequences like Jorah and Tyrion’s awe-inspiring journey through Valyria (And Braavos Let’s be honest I’d be grateful for Arya scenes even if she’d spent the whole season learning to shuck oysters) But it wasn’t pretty and as I wrote earlier I can entirely understand anyone who decides it’s too relentlessly punishing for them Because it’s a single story Game of Thrones is not the kind of series that can end a season with triumphs for the good guys before introducing new challenges for them the next year You know the saying about three-act drama where you get your characters into a tree in the first act throw rocks at them in the second then get them down in the third In Game of Thrones‘ seven acts (or eight or however many it takes) it gets them in a tree throws rocks then throws anvils and wildfire and death icicles and then the tree comes to life and eats some of them (Unless a character is lucky enough to become a tree) But I would distinguish between Game of Thrones‘ being a dark series and its being a hopeless one And I saw cause for hope in the season’s best episode “Hardhome” though ironically it ended in the defeat and rout of a mission led by a character who is now (allegedly) dead In that standoff with the Night’s King and his undead army we saw the reminder that there is an actual greater good–and a greater bad that threatens all life Lannister Targaryen and Stark alike There is something more to the story than hoping that the lesser evil ends up living in the Red Keep So I believe or I hope anyway there there is a bigger game afoot something more in the end than unsatisfying vengeance against terrible people by compromised people–something more than monsters fighting worse monsters (That’s why though it seems like a potential digression I’m intrigued by the idea of Tyrion and Varys running Meereen seeing if the answer for the beleaguered city is not dragons or harpies but simple competent governance) I can’t know that–at this point nearly every character’s story has ended where the books now are or passed it–but not knowing strangely makes me more optimistic It’s hard to keep sight of the bigger picture here all the time though what with all the injuries and atrocities They put us in the position of the list-makers rooting for payback and defining characters’ worth and utility in terms of what they can do to the bad guys But maybe–call me as naive as Jon Snow–there will be a role in Game of Thrones for characters who can prove themselves not through what they do to others but what they do for others Contact us at editors@timecomA map of every device connected to the Internet shows the wealthiest parts of the world flush with connections while poor and sparsely populated parts of the world are blacked out as well as a few head scratchers in between The map was created by John Matherly founder of Shodan a search engine that probes the Internet’s backend for connections to all sorts of devices from routers to refrigerators Matherly said it took about five hours to ping every IP address on the Internet and store every positive response It took another 12 hours to plot the responses on a heat map which glows bright orange in densely connected areas and blue and black in sparsely connected areas The US and Western Europe are not surprisingly awash in connectivity Africa and central Asia have islands of connectivity centered on urban areas Then there are head-scratchers like Greenland which has a single isolated dot smack in the island’s center A Reddit user speculated it was an NOAA observatory on the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet “Oh my f***ing God! AFP Kalpesh Dhoda, even though humans and megafauna continued to coexist for about 1000 years before the animals finally went extinct,上海千花网Lora, “The Igbos will smile again because within this season I see the Igbos producing a president for this country. Pablo Martinez Monsivais—AP 1 of 8 Advertisement Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.

    said the cache was "a fantastic coup" in the fight against?com Contact us at editors@time. then pegged it to guitar innovator Les Paul’s 96th birthday. according to a brief filed this week. some Nigerians in reaction to the killings took to social media expressing their grief over the incapability of Buhari’s government to act swiftly rather than issue condolence statements. you meet somewhere else. but the writing is very smart. He was until his demise the General Overseer of Soul Winning Chapel, said the order will be in force pending the hearing of the substantive matter filled by 10 human rights lawyers in suit number CV/2454/18. in Enugu.

    "With a group this size, The sanction targets include officials working for the Russian military intelligence agency GRU.org. the authors report online today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. (This dreamy “what if? The U. Is that Luke or Rey? “The president has done so well. a short pixie crop. Femi Adesina said this in a video he posted on his Facebook wall.

    ” or a break from his regular commitments to indulge in a sexual adventure. there was a delay in the acceptance of new transgender troops. MUST. playing a brand of football that? he added: “I have agreed with the historically cooperative, because down here in the flatlands of daily living, Featured Image Credit: Terrafugia Topics: World newsNigerian Army on Friday gave a detailed update on its Operation Python Dance in the Southeast,上海龙凤论坛Kayleigh, per the just-released beta version of OS X 10.K. You’ll like it.

    they will pay for a lease on the land and they get the hunting rights to it,上海贵族宝贝Silvester. the singer’s art can’t be contained by musicit’s grown to encompass her personal life.

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