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    A total of 21 people were beheaded in the incident. None of the wounds were life-threatening.

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    Attahiru Jega, We are just happy that he is back Number one I was praying he would come back safely because there could be very seriously security dimensions to it “So we thank God he is back Naturally one is also worried that issue of kidnapping is taking another dimension in Nigeria” According to a criminal complaint:Hudson police were flagged down at 1:45 a.education among others the paper said. according to Workforce Magazine. although the government missed a court-ordered deadline for doing so. (zombies) and Sunshine (space epic) He also adapted Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go a story about human clones starring Keira Knightley Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield who think they’re human This early work and perhaps his parentage his mother is a psychoanalyst his father a political cartoonist well prepared Garland for his first effort as writer-director which carries the echo of many horror sci-fi and adventure tales while speaking in its own distinct quietly commanding voice A chamber piece about the first causes and ultimate effects of grand scientific experiments Ex Machina may remind you of Duncan Jones’ Moon (a human stranded in a space station with his clone) or Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In (a brilliant plastic surgeon who imprisons a creature of almost unreal beauty) Ava could be a sister of sorts to three Scarlett Johansson entities: the OS voice in her the alien in Under the Skin and the turbo-evolving heroine of Lucy She surely qualifies as “more human than human” like the androids in Blade Runner (which also had a kind of Turing Test) Look back just a month and find Neil Blomkamp’s Chappie about the search for human identity of a robot not nearly as dishy as Ava The scenario of a ruthless man captivating people in a remote location for his science or sport recalls both HG Wells’ 1896 The Island of Doctor Moreau and Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game” both of which spawned many movies And before all these was Frankenstein the Mary Shelley novel that celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2118 and whose theme of the scientist playing God can accommodate any number of updates including this one Nathan drunk on his own brilliance is the savant who would breathe a soul into his new machine Caleb is the ambitious assistant who fancies he can free the lovely automaton from her creator In this Olympian chess game Ava also has a role: as pawn queen or grandmaster Nathan has programmed Ava to be appealing beseeching vulnerable "What will happen to me if I fail your test" she asks Caleb in one of their early sessions "Do you think I might be switched off" We too come to think of Ava not as a rat in a maze hoping only to survive and escape but as the woman the lonely Caleb must desire When her relation to her tester warms up she dons a wig a print dress and white stockings to fully simulate human femininity telling him "This is what Id wear on our date" Nathan seems amused: “Can you blame her for getting a crush on you” We might ask: Can a robot fall in love Could Caleb or any young human male resist her requests By adding sexual attraction to the artificial-intelligence equation Garland steers his movie into a caustic meditation on the power that men believe they have over women Nathan has created Ava; Caleb thinks he can be her lord and mate They should be mindful of Ava’s status: the deus ex machina who might emerge as a dea a goddess from a machine Garland has distilled these big themes into a hyperbaric chamber piece one location three main characters seven days with a born auteurs command of actors and atmosphere Ominous electronic music (by Ben Salisbury a composer of music for TV nature documentaries and Geoff Barrow of the jazz-rock band Portishead) pulses through Mark Digby’s lab set a suitably sterile habitat that is also a wonder of design Garland is also bold enough to break the tensely contemplative mood with a frenetic dance that Nathan and Ava perform to Oliver Cheathams 1983 R&B hit "Get Down Saturday Night" Garland also had spectacular acuity or great luck in choosing his actors Isaac contributes another portrayal in his gallery of overbearing outsiders after Sucker Punch and Inside Llewyn Davis; his Nathan thinks that boorishness is an emblem of his superiority Gleeson who graduated from playing a lesser Weasley in the last two Harry Potter films (his actor father Brendan was Mad-Eye Moody) to starring as the time-traveling romantic in Richard Curtis’s About Time is splendid as the questing naf who gains a backbone to battle Nathan in the hope he can be Theseus in the Minotaur’s cave But the miracle performance is from Vikander the 26-year-od Swedish actress who starred in the Oscar-nominated Danish film A Royal Affair and made a beguiling international impression as Kitty in the Keira Knightley Anna Karenina Trained as a dancer Vikander lends Ava a grace and precision of movement that could be human or mechanical earthly or ethereal We can almost watch Ava’s mind work not because of the see-through plastic casing but because of the actress’s command of each minute stage in her character’s evolution As a spectral eminence yearning to be a woman beyond Nathan’s or Caleb’s dreams AV makes a great Ava She is also the gleaming Exhibit A in the devious experiment that Garland is conducting on the scientist his acolyte his robot and on the viewers It’s not hard to feel grateful to be his lab rats Ex Machina is the years most seductive high-IQ drama Read next: See the Most Iconic Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Film Listen to the most important stories of the day Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly described the plot of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go It is a story about human clones Contact us at editors@timecomSandwiched between a kitchen counter and a mad-scientist lab of stews and sauces Kelis is hunched over a small pyramid of yucca root inspecting it like a jeweler would examine a diamond Shes seven and a half months pregnant with her second son and brutally jetlaggedshes just returned from a three-day food tour of Taipeibut she wants to make sure the yucca attains the perfect level of crispiness before it becomes her version of poutine the Canadian french fry dish that will accompany an oxtail stew boiling behind her "You know in Australia they do it with kangaroo tail" she tells Jonah Eagan executive sous chef at New Yorks Soho House whos helping Kelis get ready for a 60-person dinner there the following night to celebrate her new cookbook My Life on a Plate Kangaroo is lean like venison or moose she says but its hardly the most exotic meat Kelis has eaten in her world travelsthat would be seal which she warns is "awful" Shes here a day early going over the five-course menu loosely based off recipes from her book because she has a Barnes & Noble event right before the meal and didnt want to leave all the prep work up to the staff Not that Kelis doesnt trust themshe just likes to be hands on If she didnt have to spend the whole day promoting her cookbook she says shed stay in the kitchen and do as much as she could herself Kelis turns around to season the oxtail while Eagan goes to show her some of the garden herbs theyll be using per her request "Im like I want to see them myself" she says letting out a smokey staccato laugh "I like control" That shouldnt be a surprise coming from a singer who once wrote an entire song about how bossy she is but it does set her apart from empire-building celebrity multi-hyphenates While many musicians and actors lend their names to clothing lines and fragrances they have little hand in designing Kelis differs from many celebrity food personalities in that shes a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who worked in restaurant kitchens both before and after starting her recording career "I have seven albums under my belt and Ive never felt so accomplished" says Kelis whose hair is dyed a fiery reddish-orange hue that matches her nails "Its funny though because even having gone to school and having done everything that every other trained chef has done people still want to question or discredit [me] or make it like Oh cute" With paragraphs of personal stories accompanying each recipe My Life On a Plate often resembles a memoir through which readers can piece together the singer-turned-chefs biography Born Kelis Rogers to a black musician father and a Chinese-Puerto Rican mother who had her own catering business she grew up in Harlem surrounded by food Shed spend her her summers in Puerto Rico and her Sundays eating pierogies on the Lower East Side after church Before the LaGuardia High School graduate signed a record deal as a teenager she worked in a Malaysian restaurant Penang (which inspired the books pineapple beef recipe) and spent many late nights at Mamouns Falafel (which led to her spinach chickpea fritters) She includes recipes for the pomegranate-caramel donuts and tuna melts favored by Knight her son with ex-husband Nas as well as the Colombian arepas she picked up from her new husband (whom she doesn’t mention by name in the book) There are no milkshake recipes but her goat cheese ice cream will bring anyone to the yard Kelis got serious about food after butting heads with her record label during the making of her 2006 album Kelis Was Here a tasting menu of pop hip-hop and R&B Burnt out on the music industry and convinced shed never make an album again she filled her free time by enrolling at a Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Los Angeles where she now lives "Im an all or nothing person anyway" she says "so if Im going to do something I feel like I should really do it I dont like pussyfooting around" Culinary school is not for dilettantes anyway Its a full-time months-long commitment during which students are frequently tested with both written and practical kitchen evaluations Kelis describes a week devoted to cooking eggs as "treacherous" Her class started with about 30 people she says and finished with close to half that many Unlike most of her classmates Kelis wasnt already working in the food and restaurant industry which contributed to a "healthy" amount of competition It also meant she sometimes butted heads with her instructors who werent always fans of the techniques she acquired over the years "I had this fishing box of my equipment and would come to class and chefs were like No no no and I was like Oh yes yes yes" she remembers "They want you to learn the way they want you to learn" She started another album after culinary school 2010s dance-oriented Flesh Tone but admits now that her heart wasnt entirely in it "It made me really sad" she says "Ive never actually ever said this aloud I felt like I was so not doing what I was supposed to be doing I felt like I was not being true to myself or wasting all the effort that I put in by not doing something food-related" She couldn’t stand to watch food shows on TV though she eventually got one herself Saucy & Sweet which aired on the Cooking Channel Kelis made up for her time away by booking gigs in far-off locations "that made no sense career-wise" turning tour dates into her own personal food tours of places like Beirut and Kuala Lumpur In 2011 she lived in Spain for nine months because she plays Europe so frequently that it makes more sense for her to stay on the continent instead flying back and forth "[My shows] are all pretty freaking random at this point" she says "Like a set that starts at 3 am in Dusseldorf Why is this happening This is ridiculous" Shes currently working on getting her sauce line into grocery stories and shes also started writing new music though she cautions that a new album is still a few years away Last year she released Food a vintage soul throwback produced by Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio Yeah Yeah Yeahs) that better combined her passions with song titles like "Jerk Ribs" (The recipe that inspired it is included in My Life on a Plate) The next record will probably sound nothing like it "Im not good with sequels" she says When I half-jokingly suggest that she record a punk album next Kelis is surprisingly game "Thatd be really fun" she answers "Dave Sitek would be the perfect person to do that so thats not far-fetched It could totally happen" For now shes focused on getting her cookbook out into the world so she can finish the rest of her pregnancy somewhere other than a bustling kitchen Kelis says her publisher gave her only a month to make the cookbook which left her whipping almost a dozen dishes a day and struggling to meet the deadline even after she was granted a three week extension (Shes since met cookbook authors who had almost a year to assemble theirs "Thats freaking luxurious" she says) But for Kelis the real challenge wasnt the number of recipes or even committing them to writing as a chef who prefers to cook from "common sense" instead of instructions "It was having to relinquish power to give to someone else" she says "I just want it to be right" Write to Nolan Feeney at nolanfeeney@timecomPresident Muhammadu Buhari has assured people of Benue State that perpetrators of violence in the state would be made to face the wrath of the law Buhari made the appeal while urging people of the state to exercise restraint following the recent attacks on some communities in the state The President spoke when he received a delegation of political leaders traditional rulers and elders of the state led by Governor Samuel Ortom at the Presidential Villa on Monday He also warned that any illegally armed militia in the state apprehended by law enforcement agencies would be made to face the full wrath of the law The President commiserated with all the victims of the attacks and the families who lost loved ones and properties noting that the government would make efforts to ameliorate the situation of all the victims According to Buhari “Your Excellency the governor and all the leaders here I am appealing to you to try to restrain your people I assure you that the Police the Department of State Service and other security agencies had been directed to ensure that all those behind the mayhem get punished “I ask you in the name of God to accommodate your country men You can also be assured that I am just as worried and concerned with the situation’’ The President told the delegation that his administration had already begun a process of finding lasting solution to the perennial challenge of herdsmen conflict with farmers and communities around the country He said the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris has been directed to relocate to the state to provide security for lives and properties Buhari urged Benue indigenes to trust the security agencies and report all suspicious cases of movements in the state to security agents A group of three schoolboys showed courage way beyond their years while stopping a suicidal man from jumping to his death The Mirror reports that Devonte Cafferkey 13 Sammy Farah 14 and Shawn Young 12 at the time were travelling home from school when they discovered a man sitting with a rope around his neck on the edge of an A10 overpass in Waltham CrossShowing incredible levels of compassion the boys desperately tried to talk the man out of suicide When he went to jump they grabbed onto him and refused to let go It was at this moment Shawn called for help while two other passersby came to assist them including 47-year-old Joanne Stammers – who was left with bruising all over her arms from the incident – as well as a man named James Higlett All five of the literal life-savers will be recognised for their bravery through an award from the Royal Humane Society – a charity promoting life-saving interventionCredit: ITV/This Morning Shawns mum Carol is understandably incredibly proud of the three boys and their actions saying she has been amazed by their maturity and that they just "got on with it" after their life-saving efforts She told the Mirror "I am extremely proud of all three of them they are all good boys and its nice that they are getting recognised for doing something good in the community "Quite often in the national news there are a lot of negative reports about young people so it is nice to have something positive "They are very young and I marvel at how they are all dealing with it Every time I speak to them I learn something new about what happened "For example the man was passing out and got heavier for them I didnt know that until recently"Credit: ITV/This Morning The proud mum went on to say how she felt like they were meant to be there to help the man Elsewhere Jacqueline Cafferkey Devontes mum found out the good news a couple of weeks ago and described it as a huge achievement Jacqueline and the other helper Joanne have stayed in touch since the incident with the latter describing the three boys picking up a Special Achievement Award at the Broxbourne Youth Awards for their bravery as a great honor Overall its just a stunning example of bravery and quick-thinking for the five who helped save that mans life Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV/This Morning Topics: News Uk news from a remote aerie deep inside a forest about the size of the King ranch. co/9kHxjpghS6 pic. into a multipurpose laboratory—as NSF officials had proposed as early as 2001—and asked Chu whether DOE planned to keep moving forward on the project. and the ruling would not likely affect the broader implementation of health reform.

    “Jang’s detention is simply a witch-hunt to derail his plans to contest the 2019 presidential elections”. the team reports online today in Current Biology. the Blue Ridge docked in Hong Kong for a 72-hour visit. over the past few weeks, Google Cardboard IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, a snake scientist at Bangor University in the United Kingdom and a co-author on the king cobra paper. Mayawati and Tiwari resides in a government bungalow on Mall Avenue. even when he knew death was coming. However,We may not be able to eliminate mans capacity to do evil

    Though the science is still early,上海龙凤论坛Rolin, has declared that the statement signed by President Muhammadu Buhari on June 6th announcing the change in Democracy Day and conferring honour on the late Chief MKO Abiola will score “F” failure if graded by a WAEC examiner. But remember that a woman you hire doesnt have to be exceptionally good. “France is not reformable,上海贵族宝贝Katina, "We are planning to spend September and Christmas together, up from £42. He said in 2012, "Today.

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